Friday, August 28, 2009

Artist Date

Inspiration = pink flowers

Cool Art fence below Post Alley

Bubble gum closeup

The famous bubblegum wall in Post Alley

Lobby of Seattle Art Musuem

View of the famous Lusty Lady from the Seattle Art Museum

Dahlias in the Market

Wandering with out too much of a plan is a good way to spend the day. I needed an artist date so I took the Water Taxi from West Seattle to Pier 55 downtown. $3.00 each way, it's a great deal. The sun was shining and I wasn't sure where I was going, exactly, but I knew I would buy some dahlias at the Pike Place Market. I ended up going to the Seattle Art Museum, the bubblegum wall in Post Alley, and had a blast in flower heaven at the market. Most of all I wandered on a perfect August day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chinook Pass Hike

Maisie and her owner. Don't they look alike?


Notice the cool pattern on the leaves where the bugs have chewed them.

Alpine Meadow

Went over to Eastern Washington this weekend to Mighty Tieton. On the way back we went over Chinook Pass near Mt Rainier and stopped to hike to Sheep Lake. The wildflowers were out in full force and we ran into Maisie the Llama on the way down. It was a beautiful day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I took a walk around the neighborhood

Yesterday I walked to my secret blackberry picking spot. On the way there I passed some great gardens and took pictures of some cool plants. As always, I was looking up and looking down.... enjoy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Needle Felting - New projects

I've been needle felting up a storm! This is an ancient art that involves stabbing wool roving with a special felting needle many, many times to form and shape objects. Here are a few recent projects. They are available for purchase in my Etsy store, ArtNest.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Highland Park Improvement Club Rummage Sale

I got together with some friends and neighbors in my Highland Park neighborhood a few weeks ago to clear out some of my clutter and clothes. People are ruthless hagglers! Maybe it's my karma for all the bargaining I've done in Mexico over the years. I made money at the rummage sale and cleared some space in my house. It was a fun day though temperatures were in the nineties.

Vintage textile resource and inspiration - Urban Burp

I just became aware of this store in San Francisco on the edge of the Financial district. Read article here. Urban Burp has vintage fabrics and is owned by Electra Skilandat (isn't that a fantastic name?). She’s a longtime collector of vintage fabrics who has traveled the world acquiring her stock from private collectors worldwide. Read about it at True Up which is another great inspiration blog (check out their textile tours of San Francisco.)

Inspiration - heads - unrelated photos

Pink gorilla and fluffy pooch.

This was a picture I took of a short film I saw last year at the modern art musuem in Buenos Aires.

Baby heads from a cool store in Madras, New Mexico July 2008

Unemployment is getting to me. I need to go on a trip far, far away from Washington state.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Index Washington

Kate and Chloe

View of the Skykomish River from downtown Index, WA.

Two trees growing together.

Twigs and branches make an interesting fence.

I went to visit my friend Kate at her cabin on the Skykomish River in Index Washington. It was charming, rustic and relaxing. Index is an old mining town and has an interesting history. The river is cold and rocky.

Fences - Port Townsend

Here are two creative fences I saw up in port townsend last month.