Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art and Sunshine

I'm in heaven. Days on end with perfect weather. Sunshine and time. Unemployment suits me, except for the part where you don't get a paycheck. Otherwise, it's so nice to wake up naturally without an alarm clock and spend long mornings working in the garden. I've been cleaning out my outbuilding/studio and found some gouache so today I made two paintings. I'm rusty but like anything else, if I keep painting, I'll get better. You have to use those artistic muscles or you lose them. I'm going to do a little painting every day until July 5. Here is my first effort. It is painted with blue and the inspiration is Delft china and Charles Kraftt.

Friday, May 15, 2009

More thoughts on Houston

My head is spinning - Jim Pirtle installation
Jim Pirtle
Sculpture garden
hula hoops and knitted hand rails at the museum of contemporary art in houston alt="hula hoops in trees"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5335947452234081458" />

magnolia blossom

I loved Houston. They have a beautiful arts district with many first rate museums. We went to an opening at the Contemporary Art Museum...saw art by Jim Pirtle, the Flower Man, the Art Guys, and many more. The weather was hot and humid, the trees, magnolias and oaks were green and lush. We stopped in the sculpture park across the street and the light was just right...that late afternoon, long shadows light. Love it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Art Cars in Houston

Driving the volkswagen skirt art car
Harrod tries to rest in Pico de Gallo....he's too tall to fit.

Loretta and Elvis make a great art car pair.

Jesus Loves Freaks...say Amen!

Mirrored Guitar shards.

Hippo car, created by Tom Kennedy

Blinged out golf cart

Putting the finishing touches on their art car...friday at the Green downtown.

Tom Kennedy's party bus in the daytime.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heading South

I just returned from Texas and Oklahoma. I was in Houston for the very wonderful Art Car Parade and then went up to Oklahoma to visit my family.

Saturday night was the illuminated parade. The art cars toured all over Houston, making several stops to tailgate and party down. This stop was at a zen monastery. Very dramatic with the full moon overhead.

Big Bunny
Blue Light Special
Beaded headlights!
I was driving behind the late Tom Kennedy's Party bus. That door hanging from the back made me a little nervous.
Car made from Volkswagen hoods. It won people's choice last year in Houston.
Me, Beverly Parker and Howie
Big Bunny slippers
Pretty Alicia on the top of Pico de Gallo, Harrod Blanks car.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

666/8 Motel - Palm Springs

666/8 Motel
This is a Joshua Tree
Very cool rocks in the park.

Blooming desert cactus
Upside down root trees, palm springs.

I was in Palm Springs and Joshua tree in April. I love the old sixties vibe of Palm Springs. Particularly liked "Mid-Century Mile" where all the mid-century modern antique stores are at the north end of town. The town was full of spring break teens, tourists looking for sun, and gay boys partying down at the White Party.

Our day trip to Joshua Tree National Park was a jolt back to nature which I was craving. There were a few desert cactus in bloom and sadly some dead Joshua Trees around. Apparently the desert is getting too hot for them and the effects of pollution are taking a toll as well.

One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Riviera Hotel. Wow! It was swanky.