Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heading South

I just returned from Texas and Oklahoma. I was in Houston for the very wonderful Art Car Parade and then went up to Oklahoma to visit my family.

Saturday night was the illuminated parade. The art cars toured all over Houston, making several stops to tailgate and party down. This stop was at a zen monastery. Very dramatic with the full moon overhead.

Big Bunny
Blue Light Special
Beaded headlights!
I was driving behind the late Tom Kennedy's Party bus. That door hanging from the back made me a little nervous.
Car made from Volkswagen hoods. It won people's choice last year in Houston.
Me, Beverly Parker and Howie
Big Bunny slippers
Pretty Alicia on the top of Pico de Gallo, Harrod Blanks car.

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Rachel Biel said...

Wow! How cool! My brother is a big car guy and he would have loved to see this! Welcome to the Fiber Focus Group!