Sunday, May 3, 2009

666/8 Motel - Palm Springs

666/8 Motel
This is a Joshua Tree
Very cool rocks in the park.

Blooming desert cactus
Upside down root trees, palm springs.

I was in Palm Springs and Joshua tree in April. I love the old sixties vibe of Palm Springs. Particularly liked "Mid-Century Mile" where all the mid-century modern antique stores are at the north end of town. The town was full of spring break teens, tourists looking for sun, and gay boys partying down at the White Party.

Our day trip to Joshua Tree National Park was a jolt back to nature which I was craving. There were a few desert cactus in bloom and sadly some dead Joshua Trees around. Apparently the desert is getting too hot for them and the effects of pollution are taking a toll as well.

One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Riviera Hotel. Wow! It was swanky.

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