Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home from Penland

Penland View
I'm back from two weeks at the beautiful and wonderful Penland School of Crafts. The school teaches all kinds of crafts and arts from glass, metals, printmaking, textiles to bookarts. I took a book/lettering/painting class with Laura Wait. It was fabulous. We started with large pieces of paper and then started writing words with sticks, shingles, rocks and whatever primitive materials we could find. Next we graduated to brushes and calligraphy pens, creating layers of text which bagan to take on the look of abstract forms. The next step in the process was learning to sew exposed bindings such as the herringbone. Paint was added to pages before and after the sewing process. Here are some pictures from the workshop.

Writing tools

Sample text
exposed bindings
Sewing a book on linen cords
Laura Wait demonstrating writing and painting with sumi ink
Palette and books in progress

Exposed binding book

My books on display

Some of my books


Jill Bergman said...

It was great meeting you and being in class with you, Diane! You made so many neat books- they look awesome together!

diane said...

Jill it was great meeting you too. I love your illustrations and story books. You were a lighthearted and fun addition to our class. Can't wait to see what happens with your career. We had fun didn't we?

Velma Bolyard said...

laura is a teacher who helps open you up to new marks and books. wonderful!

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Sweet! How was it being back? Ahhh I'm homesick for Penland.