Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspiration: Leonore Tawney

I have just come across this artist who lived to be 100 years old, Leonore Tawney. She was quite a revolutionary artist, working as a weaver and collage artist.

"She manipulated her weavings into sculptural forms such as The King Iand The Queen, 1962, a revolutionary concept at the time.

Many of her works incorporate handwritten and printed manuscripts in a variety of languages from the early Discours Historiques,1966, and EpĂ®tres, 1967, to That Other Sea, 1967, and Distilla, 1967. More often than not she employed strips of paper in a weaverly fashion."

Google her to find out more about this inspiring woman and artist.


jude said...

love those woven forms

diane said...

i do too Jude.