Monday, September 6, 2010

Double Rainbow

I went with a group of artists to Tieton last weekend on a big yellow schoolbus. It was a blast. I piece of my needle felting was included in an art show there called 10x10x10 (everything had to be smaller than 10 inches. On the way home, we saw this double rainbow. As the youtube video guy, bear, says "What does it mean?"

The drive over to eastern washington is beautiful. This is the yakima river right driving on canyon drive.
We were also in the town's community days parade. The yellow schoolbus was a hit. This was my second time to be in a parade this summer. It was fun.
At Tieton's 10x10x10 show. My felt bowl is on the shelf to the right.

 This is Lucas, he hung the show and organized the event. All the artists love him!

 Mighty Tieton is an old fruit warehouse. this was a cold room. It has great acoustics and Trimpin sometimes does performances there.

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