Sunday, November 2, 2014

Writing for Hugo House

I just finished the 30/30 writing challenge to raise money for Hugo House. I surpassed my goal and raised $300. 

Haiku written during October 2014 Hugo House, 30 minutes of writing for 30 days
diane tchakirides

October 1

I am the only person in this café
Without a tattoo
my marks are all on paper.

October 2

The clouds were pink puffs
at sunset 
in a red lined horizon
end of day driving home

October 3

Five stems of orange
chrysanthemums, one by one, 
petals falling down

October 4

These days heavy petting
mostly with the cat
I need 
a boyfriend

October 6

I’m catatonic
With a cat on my lap, my
medicine is purrs

Oct 7

Silver disc in blue-black sky
a Basho moon makes
night shadows beneath the trees

October 8

A raygun filled with stars 
shot me in the heart and I wept
a thousand moonbeams

October 9

A misty peace rolls in 
with some clouds and the tide
two lovers take a sunset selfie

October 11

The Foxy Lady
Latte stand sells sex in a
Double D tall cup

October 12

Though flatulent and
prone to snoring the beauty
loves her bulldog beast

October 14

I remember a summer 
day with a dog and a man
swimming in a river

October 15

Writing is tough stuff
Practice leads to habit then to flow.
Words find their place in line.

October 16

Morning luxury
at the kitchen window  with
sunlight streaming in

October 17

Her tan lines fading,
Summer, hops a hayride and  
blows a kiss to fall

October 18

It’s not poetry
or is it? The sound of the
rain in October

October 19

This is crap, I suck
at writing says my head, don’t
listen says my hand

October 20

I like to say words
Out loud, Coriander sounds
spicy on my tongue

October 21

this going to work
is surely overrated
trading life for money

October 22

Morning eyelash kiss
a wet nose nudging my face
Kitty wakeup call

don’t have much to say
today so I won’t say much
‘til it’s tomorrow

October 23

hot pink sari with
gold threads running through
streets of silk and fire

October 24
For Louis Collins

He prefers travel
to islands but only those
you haven’t heard of

with names like Penang
and Mauritius. He returns
with stories to tell

October 25

Will the result be
different if I write by
hand or computer?

October 26, 2014
The wind blew through last 
night and stole my oak tree's coat
of yellow and red

October 27

Farmer's market foodporn:
purple potatoes and
rainbow chard
I weep with desire
for the absinthe caramels
nd twice baked croissants

October 28

Reclining in the
bathtub looking at pretty,
pink, bubble wrapped toes

October 29

Full on autumn now
where did the hummingbird go?
to the land of bloom?

October 30

I'm rollin' with it
this poem, this chapter, this life
could be over soon

October 31

The vampire came
and I offered my neck but ‘twas
Candy corn he wanted

the end.

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