Saturday, October 24, 2009

Felt Inspiration - Fashioning Felt

I'm so sad I missed this exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt. It showcased the amazing work being made by artists using felt. One of my favorite installations is by Janice Arnold of who makes felt right here in Washington in Centralia. I want to meet her and study felt-making. Check out this video of the process: 

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Fran Meneley said...

HI Diane - So great to hear from you on my blog. Yes, I went to Taos this last summer and it was GREAT! As always. Similar, but very different. I'm always surprised how different each year is. Love your blog and this felt exhibit looks so amazing! And so does your etsy site! So many beautiful things you have made. Glad to see you are creating such wonderful things. Thanks for checking in - Best - Fran