Monday, November 24, 2008

A Trip to Portland

I just got home from three fun-filled nights and days in Portland. It's such a vibrant and interesting town in which to wander. Here's some of what I saw: a horse of a different color, a clown who knows my friend kelly,
bike racks at Powell's Books with quotations on them, a rose garden, the Bagdad cafe and the youth hostel in the NW neighborhood where I stayed. The hostel hasprivate rooms which are cheap and comfortable as well as dorm rooms and a communal kitchen where you can cook to save money on meals. It's an easy walk to the Pearl district from their location on no 18th and Glisan.

Extremo the clown

Sixties throwback couple stroll at the Saturday market.

Bike racks at Powell's books

Lux in the Pearl..a lighting paradise.

Cargo, an over the top, great, import store in the Pearl district.

Cup and Saucer cafe in the Hawthorne neighborhood

The Bagdad Theatre on Hawthorne.
The Rose Garden in Washington Park. It was sunny day.

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