Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures from Chicago

Mary looking at Robin Richman's store on Damen Avenue.

I was in Chicago visiting my friend Mary who is a great photographer. We went to Robin Richman's store on Damen Avenue which is always inspiring. The salesgirl was helpful and fashion forward and had outstanding tattoos. Saw another interesting show in the former Carson Pirie Scott Building. An entire floor was filled with old display cases...different artists took over some of them and filled them with everything from old vintage fabrics to test tubes and post-it notes... It was very cool. I love Chicago.


nancy neva gagliano said...

LOVE ROBIN RICHMAN and her sweaters and STUFF....i own several.......and yes, to chicago. 150 miles from here, kalamazoo!!

diane said...

It's not just the clothes (which are great and I can't afford), it's the experience of going in there. She is truly an artist in the way she displays things and the items she chooses to sell. You have very good taste! Did you see that tea bag hanging installation she had?